Telephone service

You can get your own Berlin phone number from us and we can activate it immediately. In 2016, we switched from our old Bosch telephone system to a virtual telephone system after more than 15 years. We now have much more possibilities for individual use than before. Here are some examples:

  • You use the telephone number provided by us. Friendly employees will contact you in the name of your company and forward the information to you by e-mail (or Skype notification) with your call-name, request and call-back number.
  • We will go to the phone for you and forward to you during the call (ante room function)
  • They only forward their number to us if you can not be reached.
  • We take your phone calls during the day and redirect you to your mobile phone (or landline) outside office hours.
  • We can activate your own greeting text, which is spoken by you, for your telephone number.

An overview of our other service offers with prices can be found here.